Wonderful experience at CFCamp in Munich (15+ useful resources and slides)

1. Tools for improving your CFML code quality by Kai Konig

This talk has provided an introduction to code quality. We found out about the different ways how to perform code analysis. This will help you measure and understand code quality. There is a range of categories of tools available, some of which also support CFML.

2. OAuth 2 for me and you by Mat Gifford

In this session, Matt talked about the OAuth 2 protocol, what it means to be a consumer or provider, and how to navigate the handshake communications between the service. At the end of this session, you should feel safer in the fact that you are filled with the knowledge of OAuth 2, how to use it and how to build your own service.

3. Clojure: Manipulating the Immutable

Andrew Jackson has provided a brief intro into Clojure with some examples of how to efficiently manipulate data structures.

4. How to migrate 400.000 webpages with ColdFusion — an adventure story by Jonathan Winter

We’re talking about 300 websites covering 98 countries in 64 languages, maintained by 700 content editors from all over the world. All in all the impressive amount of 400.000 static webpages as well as a couple of web applications.

5. CFCouchbase 2.0 and N1QL by Aaron Benton

A glance at several example applications and N1QL queries that you can start using today in your ColdFusion development.

  • Deprecated features in the SDK
  • Example Applications
  • N1QL Queries
  • Locking / Unlocking Documents
  • New SubDoc API

6. Scaling the web — a field guide for normal software teams by Rob Dudley

This talk was aimed at smaller development teams likely to be found in earlier stage companies but relevant to all, and presented some of the common pitfalls and pain points in managing application growth while offering simple solutions based on experience, study and industry best practice.

7. Gert Franz gave talks on several topics

  1. Caching strategies in Lucee — with or without help
  2. Lucee Keynote
  3. Debugging Templates in CFML — write your own cool one

8. FW1 — Don’t do spaghetti code, Use ultra-light MVC framework by Saravanamuthu Aka CF Mitrah

Legacy spaghetti code sucks, If your avg. LOC of your CFML file is high, then you are going to spent half of your life time in scrolling & debugging that monolithic code. FW1 will help to start with baby steps to organize your code in to MVC design patterned codebase. In this session, Mitrah has covered the basics of MVC, FW1 basics, commonly used functions, REST support and subsystems, DI/1 & AOP/1.

9. Building Apps for Amazon Alexa by Evagoras Charalambous

In this presentation, we have learned the foundations of developing voice-enabled apps for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, and building your own custom Alexa Skill in ColdFusion. Evagoras went through the creation of an app, learning by example, focusing on first creating and defining your app on the Amazon Developer portal, then how to make it talk to your ColdFusion code, and lastly how to test things even if you don’t have a device. A sample CF project was supplied, to be used as a base for a user to take away and start your own app.

10. Plumbing with Bitbucket Pipelines by Guust Nieuwenhuis

How to configure your Bitbucket repository, define your pipelines, use your own docker containers and deploy directly to your environments

11. Getting Stuff Done the Agile Way by Richard Herbert

Everyone is talking about Agile and Scrum these days but do you really know what it means?

12. GraphQL — A query language for your API by Mark Drew

Everything you wanted to know about GraphQL but was afraid to ask.

13. A Tale of Legacy To Modernization by Luis Majano

Evolve or Die! How many times have they told you, „You still coding in that?“. This was a talk about the infamous land of legacy ColdFusion applications, their why and existence motivations. How to finally evolve them and take them to the wonderful land of Modern ColdFusion.

14. IoT — And how it works for you

Allnet — Dorian Schneltzer talked about IoT and what are the prognosis in the next 5–10 years. Why we will “need more power!” = more internet!

15. PresideCMS

Dom Watson talked about Preside CMS. Here is the full presentation.

16. Cyber-Security seen by an IT-Manager

Dr. Robert Reinermann talked about this interesting topic in the main room. Interesting to hear someone who is using CFML and what are possible threats.

17. ColdBox 5: Hierarchical MVC -Transform Your Monolith by Luis Majano

The ColdBox Platform was the first conventions based MVC framework for ColdFusion. It has evolved and become the de-facto standard for building scalable and modern ColdFusion applications. What is a hierarchical MVC and modularization to scale your applications to a new modern era. Learn about all the tools to help you architect, document and scale your RESTFul and Web applications.

18. Apache Kafka: Intro and use in CFML by David Sedeno Fernandez

In this session, David has introduced Apache Kafka, the distributed streaming platform, the key concepts that distinguish this software from other traditional “queue” systems.

19. Mura and Vue.js by Grant Shepert

20. Database Security for Developers by Ilya Verbitsky

An introduction to SQL Server security system. The talk was about authentication, authorization, roles, permissions and data encryption and about database security best practices which can help you to protect data even when your application has been compromised. The ideas from the session might be applicable to other database management systems.

21. Solving problems in ways never before possible, with FusionReactor 7 by Charlie Arehart

Charlie’s talk introduce the many new and improved things in FR7. Ever need to solve jvm memory leaks? FusionReactor 7 now includes heap analysis. Wish you could understand the Tomcat web connector better? FR 7 now includes JMX metrics. Want to watch your server’s performance via AWS CloudWatch? FR 7 lets you export over 150 metrics to that service. Come learn about these new and many enhanced features to help solve problems in ways never before possible.

Stay tuned for the updates folks. More links coming soon!

Big thanks to Michael Hnat, the organizer of CFCamp! We hear that this venue might be too small for the next year because it has reached its maximum capacity!



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