The Best Version Control System (3 Reasons Why It Matters to All ColdFusion Developers)

Why I Suggest Git for Version Control

  1. Saves time. Git is fast! Save the time waiting for your SCM system for more important things.
  2. Undo mistakes easily. With the click of a button, you can revert to before the mistake was made and try another approach. Nothing is ever permanent.
  3. You can work offline. Most other software makes you stay connected to make changes, but with Git you have full functionality offline. Your changes will be synched to the main application later.
  4. Work your way with confidence. You can’t screw things up, and the feeling is priceless! You can work with remote repositories or sub modules -however you want! Work on different features using branching without affecting anyone else’s code!

What is Version Control?

Why Version Control Should Matter

  • If you don’t use source control, you are professionally negligent.
  • If you don’t use source control because it’s out with your control: you’re still professionally negligent, because you should have done something about it.
  • If you think you have an excuse or a justification or a rationalization for not using source control: you’re mistaken.

3 Reasons Why Version Control Should Matter to ColdFusion Developers

  1. If you don’t use an SCM system, you are taking a huge risk that something bad could happen to your code.
  2. Version control systems work by maintaining a list of changes to files over time. Each time a file is modified and committed, the new version of the file is stored in the repository.
  3. Changes, commits, history, the repository, and branches are all provided by a version control system such as Git. These features enable workflows where changes are logged for future reference. Work can be done in parallel and previous versions of files are kept safe and secure.

What is the Best SCM System in 2018?

Runners Up in the Version Control Race

  1. Apache Subversion — Subversion is a project of the Apache Software Foundation and is an open source, centralized version control system.
  2. Mercurial is a free, distributed SCM system.
  • Centralized or Distributed System
  • Open Source?
  • Do you want other developers to submit changes?
  • Security features of the software




ColdFusion development, security and optimization. CEO at TeraTech. Host of CF Alive podcast.

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Michaela Light

Michaela Light

ColdFusion development, security and optimization. CEO at TeraTech. Host of CF Alive podcast.

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