TestBox and MockBox- How Using Them Helps ColdFusion Leaders Save Money — TeraTech

  1. Why CIOs should care about testing
  2. Why automation is important
  3. What is TestBox and what does it do?
  4. What is MockBox and what does it do?
  5. How to create a modern testing environment

Why Should CIOs Care About Testing?

1) Happier stakeholders and their bosses in the C-Suite

2) Reduced risk of project disaster

3) Faster time to market through Agile testing

  • Test continuously throughout the development process.
  • Everybody tests-from the developers to the business analysts.
  • Reduce your testing documentation. Testing results and info often gets lost in a sea of documentation paperwork. Reusable checklists can help to correct this.
  • Keep your code clean.
  • Automate your unit testing.

4) Increased efficiency with automated testing

5) Better feedback loops

6) Measured return on developer investment

Automated Testing Tools

  • Testing life-cycle methods.
  • Ability to extend and create custom test runners.
  • Ability to extend and create custom test reporters.
  • Extensible reporters, bundled with tons of them:
  • Dynamic skipping support via runtime executions.
  • Test one or more suites exclusively.
  • Test one or more tests/specs exclusively.
  • Test labels and tagging.
  • Testing debug output stream.
  • Clickable suite titles to filter test execution.
  • Create mock objects for you and keep their methods intact.
  • Create mock objects and wipe out their methods.
  • Create stub objects for objects that don’t even exist yet.
  • Decorate instantiated objects with mocking capabilities.
  • Mock internal object properties.
  • Have a method return 1 or more expected results.
  • State-Machine Results. Have a method recycle the results as it is called consecutively.
  • Method call counter.
  • Method arguments call logging.
  • Ability to mock private/package methods.
  • Ability to mock exceptions from methods or make a method through a controlled exception.
  • Ability to change the return type of methods or preserve their signature.
  • Ability to make methods return results according to argument signatures.

Creating a Modern Testing Environment

  • A staging server where you test (ideally using Docker to mirror your production setup).
  • A Continuous Integration tool such as Jenkins that automatically pushes new changes for testing.
  • Automated testing using TestBox.
  • Automatic reporting of any bugs and preventing buggy branches being merged into production code.

The Bottom Line on Testing for CIOs

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