Is Adobe ColdFusion Dead? Programmers and CIOs Often Ask This Question

  • Lucee 5.3+ is the most popular version this year with CF 2016 in second, just ahead of CF 2018.
  • ColdBox was just beaten out by “Homegrown” as the most popular general framework, followed by FW/1, Fusebox and CFWheels
  • Vue.js has come ahead of Angular since last year as the most popular JS framework. With React in third place.
  • GitHub is the most popular source control, with Git based BitBucket and GitLab coming up behind. Non-Git solutions are way behind.
  • Visual Studio Code overwhelmingly beat Sublime Text and Notepad++ as the most popular editor for CFers
  • CommandBox, AWS and Container deployment has increased since last year but most CFers continue to use their own servers or ISP servers
  • Hardly any CFers had hacked servers this year. Win!
  • Favorite reasons to keep coding in CF: RAD, fast to learn, fun coding, great language features, existing CFML code base

This last year’s survey pointed out lots of interesting facts. Read the full report . The 2021 report is also available and we’re waiting for new interesting results.

ColdFusion Has Its Place Among Developers

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What can we expect in 2021?

Previous years

Simple Facts Why ColdFusion is the Most Secure Web Language

Ortus Solutions

The Rise in Popularity of Lucee

  • Railo at this point has no support.
  • Lucee 4 has support only for security fixes, but it does not see enhancements, that’s all going to Lucee 5.
  • Adobe stack, CF 9 was still a decent chunk of users, that’s already outside of the support window, and
  • CF 10 is coming right behind.
  • And CF 9 went end of life on 12/31/14, over a year ago now. That means no more security fixes.
  • CF 10 is just a very short period away (5/16/17), so very soon there’s going to be quite a chunk of Adobe CF users that are outside of the support window, which is a little scary. That means not just the support, but also no more security hotfixes are like driving a car with no brakes and praying that nothing comes on the road that you need to stop for. (see Adobe Lifecycle table for all versions)
  • Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Standard Edition
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • REST Playground
  • Server Monitor
  • Modern Admin U/I
  • Comment Exchange across Files
  • Standardized PDF Metadata
    Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Enterprise Edition
  • Auto Lockdown
  • Code Profiler
  • Multi-latency Support
  • Distributed Cache
  • Performance Monitoring Tool Kit
  • CLI and Read-Print-Eval Loop
  • Brand New Built-in Functions
    Adobe ColdFusion Builder
  • Intelligent Code Assist
  • Professional Coding Support
  • Security Code Analyzer
  • Integrated Debugger

ColdFusion 2021 Revealing Details on How it was Created with Rakshith Naresh

Adobe ColdFusion Vision for the Next 10 Years, with Rakshith Naresh




ColdFusion development, security and optimization. CEO at TeraTech. Host of CF Alive podcast.

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Michaela Light

Michaela Light

ColdFusion development, security and optimization. CEO at TeraTech. Host of CF Alive podcast.

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