Introducing Swansea Jack (Lucee CFML 6 announced)

What Can We Expect from Lucee 6?

Lucee users should be really excited about what’s going to be released with this new version. Although the info is limited at this time, we do have a sneak peek at what to look forward to.

  • Improve the Startup Time < 0.5s
  • Improve the Existing Serverless Deployment (JSR 223)
  • Introduce Headless Deployment for AWS Lambda
  • Add Built-In Support for syslog
  • Add a Default Log Appender which is the Fallback if not configured.
  • Startup with only One Context
  • Native Support for cfconfig
  • Hibernate Upgrade
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • New Operators
  • Improved Functionality of Futures and Promises
  • Brand New Native Support for JavaStreams

Lucee 6 Security Upgrade

Lucee is also getting a security overhaul. Their goal is to not only block external attacks but to prevent attacks from within. This is why Lucee is implementing the following:

  • Lockdown Settings for Administrators
  • The Use of Lucee will now be Disguised
  • Individual CFTOKEN or CFID Names
  • Introduction of a Password Vault

Pros and Cons of Lucee Quarantine Mode

  • No editing of files on the live server anymore
  • No source file on the server anymore
  • Attackers can’t upload their own malicious code (unless they have the private key and to tool to encrypt class files)
  • No real performance hits (only on the first read, but neglectable)
  • Additional hardening of the live server
  • No editing of files on the live server anymore
  • Updates are a little more complicated
  • Small performance hit
  • Error handling a little more complex (no stack trace in the error messages, as the source files, normally are not on the server anymore)

Who was Swansea Jack?

Swansea Jack–or Jack– was flat-haired retriever (locally called Newfoundland dogs) born in 1930. Jack lived near the docks and riverbanks of Swansea, Wales with his master William Thomas. And Jack did something incredible during the summer of 1931.



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Michaela Light

Michaela Light


ColdFusion development, security and optimization. CEO at TeraTech. Host of CF Alive podcast.