Into the Box 2019 Full Review (+ Complete List of Slides and Presentations)

After the success at the CF Summit East in Washington DC, the spring conference season is over.

Into the Box 2019 was awesome!

The conference was held in just inside the Houston, TX region at The Woodlands. It went for three exciting days starting on May 1st with pre-conference workshops and culminating on May 3rd with Closing remarks and a raffle. It had 50% (!) more attendees than last year! Wow!

Pre-Conference Workshops- What You Might’ve Missed

Much like last year’s Into the Box, Ortus had a great selection of pre-conference workshops.

The Workshops list:

Complete List of Sessions for Into the Box 2019

The list of the speakers speaks for itself. CF experts on all kinds of ColdFusion fields held presentations during those 3 days. Here are the full list and the presentation slides.

Into The Box 2019 official day one

Ortus Keynote

The Ortus Keynote gives you insight into Ortus Solutions, the past, present and future.

Slides available here

Serverless CFML on AWS Lambda by Pete Freitag

Do you want to run serverless CFML on AWS Lambda?

Slides available here

Beyond “Read All”: Build Fine-Grained Control of Amazon Web Services in Your CFML App by Brian Klaas

Developers across the world look to cloud providers like AWS, Google, and Microsoft to expand the capabilities of their applications.

Slides available here

Cloud Viral with TerraForm by George Murphy

Learn how to create a CommandBox image of Lucee 5.X on LightSail

Slides available here

ColdBox APIs + VueJS — powering Mobile, Desktop and Web Apps with 1 VueJS codebase by Gavin Pickin

Interact with your database with ease using Quick.

Slides available here

Intro to Quick: a ColdBox ORM Engine by Eric Peterson

Interact with your database with ease using Quick.

Slides available here

CBStreams : Accelerate your Functional Programming with the power of Java Streams by Luis Majano

A beginners guide to cbStreams.

Slides available here

ColdBox Elixir v3: What’s New and Improved by Jon Clausen

Coldbox Elixir v3 represents a major upgrade from v2 in compiling and managing your static and dynamic Javascript assets. Join us and see what’s hot in the world of static asset compilation and development!

Slides available here

CacheBox + LogBox 101 by Brad Wood

Two of the most underused libraries are LogBox and CacheBox. The biggest feature they offer is abstraction. You can decouple your app’s code from a specific logging or caching mechanism so you can change it out in the future with no big changes to your app.

Slides available here

Multi-language / multi-OS communication using RabbitMQ by Wil de Bruin

Learn how they tried to automate the various workflows by using a messaging system such as RabbitMQ.

Slides available here

RuleBox : The natural rule engine for CFML by Luis Majano

RuleBox is a modern intuitive and natural language rule engine based upon the great work of RuleBook: ported over to ColdFusion (CFML).

slides available here

The many facets of CommandBox by Dan Card

This is for beginning to moderate users of CommandBox who are interested in an overview of techniques made possible by the CommandBox system can help with their personal or corporate workflow from simple server management to Devops.

Slides available here

CommandBox vs Node.js by Nolan Erck

Did you know that all the core features of Node now exist in a pure CFML workflow?

Slides available here

Mental Helpers by Jeffrey Kunkel

How to support your team’s mental health without losing yours.

Slides available here

Into The Box 2019 official day two

Ortus Day 2 Keynote

The Ortus Keynote gave us an insight into Ortus Solutions, the past, present, and future.

Slides available here

Come cover your *** with some TestBox Coverage! by Brad Wood

Slides available here

10 in 50: Ten Coldbox Modules You Should be Using in Every App by Jon Clausen

In this 50-minute session, Jon gave us a fast-paced look at 10 Coldbox modules you should be using in every application you develop.

Slides available here

Try This At Home: Building a Personal Docker Swarm by Matthew Clemente

Learn about containerizing and deploying a personal CFML project to Swarm. The best way to learn is by doing, and it’s also the most fun.

Slides available here.

Real World CFML by Nolan Erck

The recent versions of ColdFusion have added many new language features. We’ve now got closures, functional programming constructs, QueryExecute, the safe navigation operator, the Elvis operator, and even more coming in future releases. For people new to functional programming or object-oriented programming, it can be hard to see where these features can be beneficial.

Slides available here.

NGINX Overview and Technical Aspects by Kevin Jones

Learn about the history of NGINX and NGINX Plus and the role it has played in the development of the internet.

Slides available here.

ForgeBox Enterprise : Private Software Directory by Javier Quintero and Brad Wood

ForgeBox Enterprise is a private version of the ColdFusion (CFML) software directory.

Slides available here.

Migrate yourself with cfMigrations by Eric Peterson

cfMigrations is a library to handle creating, applying, and storing small incremental changes to your database schema in code.

Slides available here.

Easily Build Amazon Alexa skills with ColdFusion by Mike Callahan

Join the explosive growing market of voice controlled solutions.

Slides available here.

Easy ElasticSearch with cbElasticSearch by Jon Clausen

Break free of cfcollection and cfsearch, along with their server-side limitations, and join the multitudes of Elasticsearch fans, worldwide!

Slides available here.

Containerizing ContentBox CMS by Gavin Pickin

ContentBox is Ortus Solution’s very own Open Source Content Management System (CMS) built on top of ColdFusion’s most actively supported framework, Coldbox.

Slides available here.

Scaling with CommandBox in Production! by Brad Wood

There are a lot of new trends when it comes to how you can deploy your servers. From AWS, to Docker, or perhaps you just want a faster way to stand up new VMs.

Slides available here.

Lessons Learned from 250+ Legacy Apps by Jorge Reyes and Esmeralda Acevedo

What are the lessons learned from Legacy CFML projects that we have lead and implemented so you can learn from both our mistakes and our success.

Slides available here.

Faster DB Development with QB bt Andrew Davis

Stop worrying about concatenating SQL strings together in the right order.

Slides Available here.

So in short….

I would love to encourage everybody with the means available to go ahead and start planning your next conference already. Let’s show our support for each other, our platform, and everyone that keeps ColdFusion alive .

PS Are you an introvert?

Worried about missing out on what could be the greatest ITB ever? Check out these tips on how to conquer conferences and properly network !

Do you have any other great conference tips? Let us know in the comments below. If you like what you see, go ahead and follow us on Twitter at TeraTechCF and never miss an update.

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ColdFusion development, security and optimization. CEO at TeraTech. Host of CF Alive podcast.

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Michaela Light

Michaela Light

ColdFusion development, security and optimization. CEO at TeraTech. Host of CF Alive podcast.

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