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Pre-Conference Workshops- Into the Box 2019

Much like last year’s Into the Box, Ortus will offer an awesome selection of pre-conference workshops. This is a great hands-on experience and training that will prove invaluable to your CFML and Box needs.

Sessions for Into the Box 2019

Following the good practice established in the previous years, there will be two separate tracks running on each day of the conference. All of this after the hour and a half breakfast of course.

  • CBStreams : Accelerate your Functional Programming with the power of Java Streams with Matt Gifford
  • Cloud Viral with TerraForm with George Murphy
  • Beyond “Read All”: Build Fine-Grained Control of Amazon Web Services in Your CFML App with Brian Klaas
  • Multi-Language / Multi-OS Communication using RabbitMQ with Wil de Bruin
  • Voulez-vous… add another spoken language to your app? with David Belanger
  • Migrate yourself with cfMigrations with Eric Petersen
  • ColdBox Elixir v3: What’s New and Improved with Jon Clausen
  • Faster DB Development with QB with Andrew Davis
  • And Much Much More!

Big Discounts for Into the Box 2019

Some might say that the most frustrating part about going to a conference isn’t the conference. It’s everything else. The flight and hotel arrangements particularly … They can add up to equal a huge headache and lack of motivation.

Hotel Accommodation

Please call Hyatt Place Reservations at 855–312–7268 and request the group code G-ORTU to receive a discounted group rate. You can also go online at and enter the group rate shown above in the Corporate or Group Code box. Reservations with this code must be made by 03/24/2019.

United Airlines

To receive your 3% — 10% Discount on United Airlines flights to Houston for, you can book online at and provide discount code ZGHR181193 in the Offer Code box, under Promotions and certificates. Or, for a $25 service fee you can call United Meetings at (800) 426–1122 where a ticketing agent can help you by phone using the discount code and agreement code: 181193

Join the CF Alive revolution

Discover how we can all make CF more alive, modern and secure this year. Join other ColdFusion developers and managers in the CF Alive Inner Circle today.

  • Get early access to the CF Alive book and videos
  • Be part of a new movement for improving CF’s perception in the world.
  • Contribute to the CF Alive revolution
  • Connect with other CF developers and managers
  • There is no cost to membership.



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Michaela Light

Michaela Light

ColdFusion development, security and optimization. CEO at TeraTech. Host of CF Alive podcast.