ColdFusion Summit 2017 by Adobe Full Review and List of Presentations

Intense two days of presentations, meetings, and networking at Las Vegas and all that under the Adobe hat. And an awesome pre-conference training. And a great breakfast!

From November 15–17 2017 Adobe organized its yearly conference with the main topic ColdFusion. We took enough time to track down and put together a nice list of 13+ useful resources and slides from the speakers. Let’s dive into it right away.

1. 3 ways to test your ColdFusion API by Gavin Pickin

  • How to use Testbox to test your CFCs 2 different ways
  • Different types and ways to test JavaScript
  • Overview of client/server side testing tools
  • Building testing into your workflow
  • You are one of many that are not testing your APIs thoroughly

The slides are available here

2. CFConfig — A New Way to Manage Your ColdFusion Engine Config by Brad Wood

The slides are available here

3. What’s new in CF 10, 11, and 2016 that you may have missed? by Charlie Arehart

The slides from his presentation are available here

4. Adventures With WebSockets by Giancarlo Gomez

5. Practical Digital Accessibility: Problems and Solutions, by Bouton Jones

Slides are available here

6. Solving problems in ways never before possible, with FusionReactor 7 and FR CLOUD, by David Tattersall

Slides are available here

7. Level Up Your Web Apps with Amazon Web Services, by Brian Klaas

  • Invoke on-demand microservices through AWS Lambda
  • Create entire asynchronous, serverless workflows with AWS Step Functions
  • Utilize a high-throughput NoSQL datastore with DynamoDB
  • Plan for common problems when dealing with cloud service providers

Slides are available here

8. Power of Simplicity in FW/1 Framework, by Masha Edelen

Slides are available here

9. HMVC Modular Architecture, by Luis Majano

  • What is a package/module in CFML
  • How to create distributed MVC
  • The power of drop-in module conventions
  • How to manage your app’s dependencies
  • Sharing your modular code with the community to stop reinventing the wheel

Slides are available here

10. Keep Control of your PDF Files, By Shirak Avakian

Slides are available here

11. send.Better() — Giving Email a REST, by M. Clemente

  • The benefits provided by using a transactional email service
  • A pragmatic, use-driven comparison of the major players in the space
  • Pitfalls, considerations, and tips when configuring your DNS records and integrating a transactional email service with your application
  • Interacting with the actual APIs, and showing how easy they are to use with ColdFusion

Slides are available here

12. From Legacy to Modern, Techniques to update your Legacy Sites, by Dan Fredericks

Slides are available here

13. Building Better SQL Server Databases, by Eric Cobb

Slides are available here

14. Writing Secure CFML, by Pete Freitag

Stay tuned as we will be updating the list in the next few days.

Some of the material and info about the speakers and their presentations were picked directly from Adobe CFSummit website and we thank them for that.

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Originally published at on November 24, 2017.

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