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Site maintenance can be a costly resource hog. It can cause downtime — lots of it, if not done properly.

Downtime for site maintenance is a life-draining experience…

  • It draws your team’s attention away from other vital work.
  • It also cuts off vital revenue streams.
  • It eliminates any efficiencies created by your app or site.

This all adds up to money, unearned or wasted. Sometimes, lots of it.

Thankfully, ColdFusion has a litany of built-in tools, “hacks” and is so easy to use that makes maintenance a breeze.

That’s because Adobe designed the ColdFusion Markup Language (or CFML) and its development platform to be stable, efficient, and cost-effective.

My maintenance ritual for ColdFusion apps include:

  1. Updating ColdFusion to the latest version.
  2. Reading logs and metrics and making adjustments.
  3. Optimizing my database and SQL.

Whether that be through its tags-based syntax or wide range of customizable tools, CFML was built on a solid foundation that requires less maintenance than other programming languages.

That doesn’t mean maintenance-free. Apps, like all other things men have ever engineered, designed, and run, will need to undergo regular maintenance.

As the CIO, it’s your choice between using your IT team to do it in house or to bring in a fresh pair of eyes via a ColdFusion consultant (I can obviously make a strong case for the latter).

Whichever you choose, your site won’t be down for maintenance too long — if at all.

Let’s take a peek at the process!

Update your ColdFusion to the latest version

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