Adobe ColdFusion Security Best Practices (Server Auto-Lockdown)

  1. What is Server Auto-Lockdown?
  2. How does Server Auto-Lockdown keep your app secure?
  3. How to get the most out of Server Auto-Lockdown.

What is Server Auto-Lockdown?

This feature was introduced with ColdFusion 2018 . Developers and ColdFusion fanatics like myself welcomed the tool, using it so often it became essential for network security.

How does Auto-Lockdown work?

You may wonder how something that removes virtually everyone’s access to your computer can be effective if the person’s already snooping around. Sometimes, being reactionary is your only option.

How to get the most out of Server Auto-Lockdown

The reactionary nature of using the Auto-Lockdown may make it seem like a tool you’ll hopefully never need. But don’t be so hopeful. Make sure you and your team are familiar with it before you ever need it.

  1. Set it up right out of the box. Make it one of the first tools you run through as soon as you install ColdFusion.
  2. Follow Pete Frietag’s to Server Auto-Lockdown from the first to last page, making yourself and your team familiar with the process. These free PDF downloads walk you through the process, step-by-step, and are written by one of the preeminent ColdFusion security experts. Many developers don’t even know these guides exist — and hackers hope you never find them.
  3. Keep the manual lockdown process handy as well. Using both at the same time will increase the odds your server stays safe. You can’t be too pedantic when it comes to security.
  • Use proactive measures like routinely scanning for security flaws with Security Code Analyzer or . These tools dig up many of the same security lapses that hackers exploit. You want to find them before the hackers do.
  • Set limits on database access — the fewer people allowed into your server, the lower the odds of a hack. You’ll want to leave access for whoever tasked with running the lockdown. This is often one of your most dependable and least-absent developers, or yourself.
  • Make sure your developers write secure code. Duh. This makes your app and servers less vulnerable to hacks and SQL injections which can lead to datanapping and ransom requests, among other hacker tricks.
  • Use a web application firewall (WAF) as the first line of defense. ( works well).



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Michaela Light


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