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Michaela Light
2 min readApr 24, 2020

Since Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2020 was canceled due to Covid 19 pandemia, all is not lost. CF Developer week webinar by Adobe will be held May 18, 2020 to May 22, 2020.

But, from it all, something new came up, such as more webinars and the option of more people attending Vs. “old-school” conference stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of this old-school stuff, and will be in the future. Webinars will do their part in bringing CF closer to those that weren’t able to attend conferences. Plus, even more people can see and hear just how ColdFusion is alive.

The ColdFusion Summit is a confluence of everything in the realm of web applications. If you develop web applications, this is the place to be. For designers, developers, strategists and thought leaders, the ColdFusion Summit provides the perfect forum to exchange ideas, inspiration and experiences.

Adobe ColdFusion 2018

Adobe ColdFusion 2018 has proven itself to users and developers already. The topics that will be covered at this webinar include:

  • Optimization of your applications as the server with an all-new toolset,
  • Performance Management Suite
  • Shrink development time with the highly productive programming language,
  • CFML general talk

Adobe ColdFusion developer week is a series of free, live webinars where the audience would be able to hear from the best CF experts and developers in the ColdFusion world.

If you are a new developer, someone with little or no ColdFusion experience, or even if you have been using ColdFusion all your life, these sessions are ideal for you. The ColdFusion Developer Week provides something for everyone so sign up now.

Adobe has started this year with a series of very interesting and cool webinars about the mighty Adobe ColdFusion 2020.

Featured sessions

  1. Opening session: Adobe Keynote by Ashish Garg
  2. This Old CF House: Moving your services model with VUE/React

Dave Watts | 12 pm — 1 pm PT

Bruno Zugay, 10 am — 11 am PT

Luis Majano 12 pm — 1 pm PT

Rakshith Naresh 9 am — 10 am PT

Brian Klaas 11 am — 12 pm PT

Dave Ferguson 10 am — 11 am PT

Pete Freitag 12 pm — 1 pm PT

Charlie Arehart 9 am — 10 am PT

Brian Sappey 11 am — 12 pm PT

Remember, Adobe ColdFusion webinar is FREE AND ONLINE

Register for free access to all sessions of Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week 2020.

May 18, 2020 to May 22, 2020

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