Adobe ColdFusion Comprehensive Guide (More Powerful, More Modernized, More Alive)

  • What Makes ColdFusion so alive and vibrant?
  • Is ColdFusion secure?
  • Is ColdFusion fast?
  • How is ColdFusion evolving with the times?
  • The benefits of modernizing your ColdFusion
  • I’m thinking about switching to ColdFusion but…
  • How ColdFusion differs from other languages
  • What the future of ColdFusion looks like
  • How will switching to ColdFusion make your life easier and more productive?
  • Tags are easy to use.
  • Tags offer TONS of functionality.
  • CF has about 100 built-in tags, each with their own function. For example, Cfcodument creates a PDF. When deployed and combined correctly, they make coding much faster, more efficient, and cleaner.

Write modern ColdFusion with CFScript

Here’s an example of the CFScript from Pete Freitag :

Is Modern ColdFusion a myth or a reality?

  • Miss out on new tools and innovations which keep CFML ahead of other languages.
  • Leave your company vulnerable to security problems which are fixed with new updates. Most CF users who are hacked admit it’s because they used software which wasn’t patched or had vulnerable code, according to the State of the CF Union 2019 .
  • Add to the technical debt your company has to overcome, as old code piles on until they become a tangled mess.

Moving from old code into the modernized CF

  1. Easier Maintenance — Simple and clean code structures help make everyday tasks a breeze.
  2. Rapid Deployment — Everyone wants to deploy changes and make future requirement changes to your application quickly and easily. When your code is solid, nothing is keeping you from making quick work of your tasks.
  3. Fewer Bugs — Finding and fixing bugs will be much easier. You’ll think you found your virtual can of insect spray!
  4. Modern, Responsive Front-End — It works on both mobile and desktop browsers seamlessly.
  • Is it modern?
  • Does it evolve with the times?
  • Does it get consistently updated?
  • Will you get the benefit of a supportive community?
  • Is it secure?

Modernization is not a destination

What are the main benefits when modernizing your software?

Some Adobe ColdFusion facts and stats

ColdFusion is still alive!

ColdFusion DevOps and Containers

I wrote in-depth reviews of these tools in another blog post and you can read it .

How do I get my hands on the latest version of Adobe ColdFusion?

Adobe ColdFusion 2021, in the Cloud (Modernized CF 2021 For the Next Decade)

Meet the previous release of Adobe ColdFusion family (2018 release)

How do I get my Adobe ColdFusion?



ColdFusion development, security and optimization. CEO at TeraTech. Host of CF Alive podcast.

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Michaela Light

Michaela Light


ColdFusion development, security and optimization. CEO at TeraTech. Host of CF Alive podcast.